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She’s still Argentina to me

This is a song from my show HOW TO WRITE A TASTEFUL NOVEL, sung (or, more accurately, spoken) to the tune of ‘She’s Always a Woman to Me’.

I’ve included most of the photos from the slideshow that played during the song. Please click on them, for links to the posts that discuss them in more detail.

The song features the line: ‘And the most you can do is look down at the view.’ If I include that ‘view’ here, my page might activate a few internet nannies. If you’ve seen my show, you probably have a vivid image of the ‘view’. And if you haven’t, you now have a reason to come.

Here goes:

You can visit old buildings …

… that house some fake eyes

You can see lots of rainbows in gorgeous blue skies

You can risk your whole life with a plunge in the sea

You can freeze off your balls …

… but she’s still Argentina to me.

She can lead you to love, with all of its power

Or maybe a room that you rent for an hour

Though if you pay extra, you can stay on for three

It may not be romantic …

… but she’s still Argentina to me

Oh, when you’re meeting a friend, you can wait if you want, but they’re never on time

Oh, you can never eat out in a restaurant til ten

That can do in your mind

You visit a theme park …

… with the Garden of Eden

You can hike in the Andes til your feet are both bleeding

But she brings out the best and the worst you can be

I don’t care when it’s naff cos she’s still Argentina to me

Oh, you can meet a cute guy

Or a carton of milk

Try to have a good time

But, you can never go out

to a night club til three

That can do in your mind

She is beauty and grace …

… then she’s suddenly cruel

She’s a place to get wet …

… and a place to be cool

A salt lake …

… a bookshop …

… some rocks in the sea

And the most you can do is look down at the view

But she’s still Argentina to me.

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