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Ten unbelievably important question about musicals

If you saw my show The Sound of a Social Climbing Nun, you might suspect that I am a little obsessed with musicals. I’ve asked some unbelievably important questions about them.  If you click on a question, you’ll get the unbelievably important answer.

Why should Eliza Doolittle have married Mrs Higgins? (And why did Mrs Hairsine’s school production of My Fair Lady have a better ending?)

If they were remaking Oliver! on film today, would they do it better?

Why has Wicked outdone The Wizard of Oz?

Where might you see a singling, dancing, breastfeeding, villainous food critic?

What wasn’t fun about Fun Home?

Why’s it rotten there’s nothing rotten in New York City?

How do you treat The Bodyguard and Dream Lover if you want to go away happy?

Which showstopper from a Broadway flop resurfaced 35 years later as a techno anthem in a gay Buenos Aires night club  featuring a choc milk carton?

How many times and in how many cities could I have seen The Phantom of the Opera, but didn’t?

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