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Two near misses at seeing ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

I’ve previously posted about my 12 different opportunities to see The Phantom of the Opera, and how I still haven’t.

This month was the closest I’ve come.

USA DC Kennedy Center - The Phantom of the Opera

When my Antarctic friend Spencer and I visited the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, they were about to start a performance, but we took a tour instead.  We heard it over the loudspeaker system as we walked around the building. This didn’t convince me to go in.

USA DC Kennedy Center - The Phantom of the Opera and me

Four days later in New York City, I was on the street where it was playing …

USA New York City - me and the Phantom of the Opera and Something Rotten theatres

… but JJ and I saw the show playing opposite.

USA New York Something Rotten sign

The ad below has probably convinced some people …

USA New York City Phantom of the Opera ad 2

… but if it’s been around for 28 years, it’s probably not going away soon. Andrew Lloyd Webber can live without my money for a little longer.

USA New York The Phantom of the Opera ad

My fantasies are still wound for now.

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