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Fringe World is back… and so is Sharon!

One reason I do Fringe is to meet other performers, often over drinks at the Budgie Smuggler: the late night artists’ venue. Sharon from Canada is one of my favourite.

She’s back in Perth, doing her outdoor show from 27 January to 4 February at both the Cultural Centre and the Pleasure Garden. No need to book tickets, just show up.

I’ve now seen Sharon from Canada presents: Tallulah about as many times as I’ve seen Maggie Smith and Cher in Tea with Mussolini. (Q: How many times is that? A: Lots.)

And I’m looking forward to her coming to the Pirate Bar for The Sound of a Social Climbing Nun (which, for anyone who has managed to avoid my marketing, is what I’m doing in February). She was at my previous show the night it was videoed. When I’m acting all coy, it’s her voice you can hear, egging me on to take off my shirt. Enthusiastic and supportive!

Sharon and I after My Argentina: Learning Spanish and Loving Thatcher

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