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The deception of Deception Island

antarctica deception island 2

Swimming in Antarctica? Doing the Polar Plunge? No problem! They said Deception Island had thermal springs.

antarctica deception island 3

The deception was that the Polar Plunge meant a plunge in the water beyond the thermal springs. Which was not thermal.

Witness my first courageous effort here.

In my post on The King and I, I discussed how a reviewer saw the movie Once is Not Enough, and asked: ‘Wanna bet?’

On Deception Island, once should have been enough, but I wanted to have photos as well as a video, and I was too wimpy to stay in long enough the first time.

Twice was definitely enough:

antarctica deception island polar plunge 1antarctica deception island polar plunge 2antarctica deception island polar plunge 3antarctica deception island polar plunge 4antarctica deception island polar plunge 6

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