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Camp Cusco clothes and my Californian honorary little sister

I’m with Lisa at the start of the Pride March, Buenos Aires, 2007:

The Cathedral – where the future Pope Francis was Archbishop – is behind us. When I was at the same event in 2005, a smoke bomb went off during a conflict between Catholic and anti-Catholic protesters. Look carefully to see barriers and guards between us and the building.

I bought the ponchos in Peru. They were based on the city of Cusco’s flag, which happened to have a rainbow design. Unfortunately, they were too thick and heavy for such a balmy evening. Lisa didn’t keep hers on for long. I could have chosen not to wear anything underneath, but it was itchy – and short enough to risk a Basic Instinct moment.

Regular readers will know that four years later, I kind of stumbled into another incident in Plaza de Mayo, this time involving a burning Christmas tree … if you’re new to my blog, then (a) welcome and (b) please click here.

Lisa is from San Diego. We met in Buenos Aires at the Via Hispana Language School.

I know this picture is a bit hazy, but after the age of 35, a bit of haze isn’t such a bad thing.

César – a committed Communist – taught us naughty Spanish words and predicted La Revolución.

lisa cesar y yo
El revolucionario con sus estudiantes

Neither of us were the most diligent of students (we’d swap stories about how much sleep we hadn’t had), but Lisa now teaches six-year-olds, entirely in Spanish, at a school in San Francisco.

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