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What is this Buenos Aires building?

Is it:

(a) the Supreme Court of Argentina?

(b) the State Public Library?

(c) the city’s oldest opera house?

(d) the US embassy?

(e) the National Museum?

(f) none of the above?


(Clue: It faces Plaza de Mayo, the main square in Buenos Aires.)


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The correct answer is (f): none of the above!

It’s actually the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, where Pope Francis used to be the Archbishop.

The cross on top is clearer in these pictures.

la catedral exterior 2009

la catedral exterior 2009 - 2

The Casa Rosada (Pink House), where the President works, faces onto the same square.

casa rosada behind fence with guards 2003

Section 2 of Argentina’s Constitution says that the Federal Government ‘supports the Roman Catholic Apostolic religion’, though section 14 allows freedom of worship.

Constitucion de los argentinos

Despite its place in the main square and the Constitution, the Roman Catholic Church could not stop the Federal Congreso legalising same-sex marriage.

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