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My entry into the twenty-first century

In my recent trip to far north Queensland (well, actually, in my two recent trips up there, long story), I learned the lines for How to Write a Tasteful Novel (tickets still on sale!) by walking up and down the beach, listening to myself on a tape recorder. Yes, one of those things from the olden days. I bought the tapes from a supplier in Melbourne.

Sadly, it’s broken now, so I’m using Jennifer, my Samsung S8, instead. You may recall: my cousin thinks that as a gay man, I wouldn’t appreciate all the wonderful things about Jennifer Hawkins. Likewise, as someone who has struggled over many years to send even simple text messages, she thinks I wouldn’t appreciate all the wonderful things about a Samsung S8. I did try to use it as a recorder a few months ago, but it was a bit too sophisticated for me then.

And for those who said I should finally visit the Great Barrier Reef … I finally did. Or maybe I didn’t. I did go to Cairns Central shopping centre. Does that count?

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