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Should you go to La Boca?

Queen Elizabeth I said that the word ‘must’ is not used to sovereign princes, even though, in reality, she did a lot of things she didn’t really want to do, like sign the death warrant of Mary, Queen of Scots and submit to medical examinations to see whether she could bear children.

In my view, the word ‘must’ should not be used when you’re on holidays. The whole point of a vacation is to do what you want to do, isn’t it? But like the Virgin Queen, sometimes you do it anyway. Which brings me to Buenos Aires and La Boca.

La Boca is a suburb of Buenos Aires. Many tourists go there to see its colourful buildings like the one above. There are less-known but more beautiful buildings in the city, such as this bookstore

or this basilica.

But if you don’t go to La Boca, people will ask you why you didn’t, and you may get sick of that.

Plus if you do go, you might end up with one of these:

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