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Kissing Antarctica with tongue

Around the time I went through a phase of buying animal fur, I started kissing the ground when visiting new places.

First was Paraguay. I was in bed with a sore throat the following week.

Here, I’ve just got out of the subway in The Bronx.

USA the bronx kissing

Technically, this was my first time on the North American mainland. I’d been to New York City once before, but only to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, which are all on islands.

On my Antarctic cruise, I pursed my lips together when kissing the South Shetland Islands.

antarctica south shetland islands kissing

When I landed on the Antarctic mainland for the first time, at Paradise Harbor…

antarctica paradise harbor landing

… I had to use tongue.

As this video demonstrates, my fellow passengers, including the wise Caroline, thought my tongue might stick to a rock.

But, amongst much laughter, it didn’t.

In case this didn’t count, I also kissed the snow on video, plus in a photo:

antarctica paradise harbor kissing


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