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Some random images from the Centro Cultural Kirchner

When I first went to Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, the governor of an obscure Patagonian province, was running for president.

He only got twenty-two per cent of the vote in the first round, but when his main rival pulled out, it was enough to slip into the job.

The Kirchners spent the next twelve and a half years in charge of Argentina, though Nestor was only alive for the first seven and a half. By the time of his death, his wife Cristina was president.

In May 2015, in the last months of Cristina’s presidency, the old Buenos Aires central post office re-opened as the Centro Cultural Kirchner, or CCK.

There was a presidential election later that year. The constitution stopped Cristina running again, and her preferred candidate lost.

When I visited Buenos Aires in 2017, Nestor Kirchner’s name was still in the suburbs …

… and the CCK was still going, despite the Kirchners being out of favour with the new government.

I’ve already blogged about the giant eyes

… and the red room.

Here are some more, random images from the CCK:

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