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Detachable contraceptive cargo pants in Central Park

Last year, a friend looked down at my feet and said, ‘I see you’re wearing your contraceptive shoes.’

Many of my clothes would not be out of place in a contraceptive wardrobe.

But I know a thing or two about travel outfits.

Note how I’m wearing trousers here:

… and shorts here:

Detachable cargo pants mean I can go out all day and night, and not have to carry a set of trousers with me for when the weather gets cold. The bottom parts roll up and fit into the shorts’ deep pockets. So can my passport, though the material stretches enough that I can also carry it underneath.

Sometimes, I’ve worn them with thermals.

They’re particularly handy in New York City in the summer, when it can hot and humid outside, and freezing inside with air conditioning.

Or when hiking in Patagonia, where the temperature can fluctuate wildly during the day.

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