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A ferris wheel on the way to a Jucy Snooze and a supermodel’s philosophy

My strategy for flying from Perth to Los Angeles in cost-effective comfort has been:

  1. Take the 7.30pm direct flight to Auckland, so I wouldn’t have to sleep on the plane.
  2. Sleep for five hours at the Jucy Snooze hostel in Auckland’s city centre.
  3. Bid for an upgrade to Premium Economy for the Auckland to Los Angeles flight.

The Jucy Snooze looks basic because it is basic…


… but it’s also clean and comfortable.

Perhaps I could have gone to a hotel near the airport, but then I would have missed swapping stories on the Skybus with a local called Peter about our trips to Argentina.

He too had been to the Grand Splendid bookshop in Buenos Aires, and wondered whether it made any money. I always found it so impressive that I never fully thought of it as housing something so mundane as a business that had bills to pay.

I also wouldn’t have seen a ferris wheel and a wall of philosophies in the lobby of an office building on the walk up to the Jucy Snooze.


It’s been a day of philosophies. I’ve only just found out that my upgrade bid was successful, but I need not have worried. As I am in New Zealand, I should have had faith in that country’s great supermodel philosopher Rachel Hunter, who used to tell us on TV in Pantene commercials – It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

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