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Why I should have gone anyway

Don’t you find that sometimes when you go to something to support a friend, it’s like – wow! I should have gone anyway! What else have I been missing out on?

A new calibre: From Disability to Ability is described as ‘[a]n energetic array of paintings, digital works, sculpture and photography by 16 leading artists from WA with a lived experience of disability to celebrate 70 years of Ability WA proudly supporting WA families’.

And so it was, when I saw it yesterday. I went because I’m friends with one of the artists, but what a well-planned and thoughtful exhibition it was.

When I go to an art gallery, I like to get a memento.  I have a thing for gift shops. Yesterday, I wasn’t expecting anything except perhaps a photocopied piece of paper. Instead, I got a 52-page booklet (featured above), with photos and backgrounds of each artist and their piece.

I hope the artists can use this exhibition as a springboard to get their work out there further.

A new calibre is on at Gallery Central in Northbridge.

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