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Luckier than in 2001

After the 9/11 attacks in the World Trade Center, Perth’s obscurity made it a good place to be. But after a few months, other places were much more happening.

This time, with COVID-19, Perth’s obscurity is even more of a plus, but I also know that when things go back to normal (or whatever normal becomes), Perth will be much more vibrant than it was in 2001. More comedy (including, I hope, a new show of my own), more places to hang out … Elizabeth Quay and Yagan Square will mature more into fun hubs … but much of Perth’s appeal in 2001 will still be with us.

It’s less than a month until winter. We’re in a global pandemic. Yesterday, I drove to the beach and walked along the water in the 27 degree heat (80 in Fahrenheit).

We’re very lucky here in Perth.

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