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The Buenos Aires beach they don’t tell you about

I know that’s not a photo of a beach, it’s of me during one of my thinner Buenos Aires moments. I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

The story starts in Brazil.

Rio de Janiero doesn’t just have Copacabana Beach. I also went to São Conrado …

brazil beach in rio

brazil beach in rio 2

… and Ipamena.

brazil ipanema beach 1

brazil ipanema beach 3

brazil ipanema beach 2


Buenos Aires also has a beach.

A relatively short bike ride from the city centre.

Very few tourists know about it.

Please scroll down …





… a little more …



Here it is:

argentina reserva ecologica 1

argentina reserva ecologica 2

argentina reserva ecologica 3

In the seventies, the military government decided it wanted to:

  1. build motorways in Buenos Aires; and
  2. reclaim land to expand the size of the city.

So it:

  1. demolished lots of buildings to make way for the motorways; and
  2. dumped the remains in the river next to the old port.

The original project, like the government, fell apart, leaving a mixture of embankments and swamps. But animals put seeds in the debris. Plants grew out of the silt. It became a green refuge for great egrets and black-necked swans.

In 1986, the civilian government declared it a park: La Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur. A place for joggers, cyclists, bird watchers and nature lovers. Though maybe not swimmers.

Much of it’s green and lovely…

argentina reserva ecologica 4

… though look on the ground and you might see its origins …

argentina reserva ecologica 5

… plus indications that joggers, cyclists, bird watchers and nature lovers aren’t the only people who use the open space …

argentina reserva ecologica 6

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