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How polluted water got me to Antarctica, via spaghetti and salad

When I went to Peru in 2007, I saw Machu Picchu at dawn, learned to play backgammon with an American lady from Aspen, and ate roast chicken and apple crumble at an unashamedly western restaurant called The Real McCoy. Unfortunately, I also had my camera nicked (hence the lack of photos to prove these things) and kept forgetting to disinfect the water that I used when brushing my teeth.

So when I got back to Buenos Aires, I had a few issues down below that are best not repeated here. But three good things came out of that.

The first is that I got back to what I’d weighed in my mid-twenties.

The second is that I stumbled on one of my favourite meals … but one that I only ever have in Buenos Aires.  The doctor, you see, gave me a list of things I could eat. Armed with that, I went to La Continental restaurant in San Telmo…

… and ordered spaghetti without any sauce (though with a bit of oil and sprinkling of grated cheese) and a side serve of tuna, sweet corn kernels, diced apple and small mushrooms.

I’ve had people cringe at the combination, but until you’ve tried it … anyway, since then, I’ve added peaches…

… and have, on occasion, replaced the spaghetti…

… with fries (which did not quite get me back to that elusive weight).

The third thing is that while eating this one day, I bumped into a guy called Craig, who was staying at the same bed and breakfast as me, and he talked to me about the virtues of going to Antarctica. You can click here to find out what happened after that!

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