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Purmamarca and its seven colours of peace and beauty

One reason for my blog is to promote myself as a writer, but when I posted about the things I could see in a day’s drive from Salta, I thought that two sentences and 16 photos made the point well enough. The last two images were from Purmamarca, a quiet village in the northwest of Argentina, nestled in Andean mountains with seven colours, just below the Tropic of Capricorn.

I didn’t know anyone there, and was travelling by myself. I can get lonely in such situations, not this time, because I couldn’t help tuning into the peace and the beauty.

argentina purmamarca 2

argentina purmamarca 3

argentina purmamarca 4

argentina purmamarca 5

argentina purmamarca 6

argentina purmamarca 7

argentina purmamarca 11

argentina purmamarca 12

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