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Plastic drumming in Florida, Buenos Aires

Florida (pronounced flor-EE-dah) is a pedestrian mall in the central shopping district of Buenos Aires.

2013 - man with plastic drums - florida - 1argentina florida drummer2013 - man with plastic drums - florida - 3

When I walked through the streets of Cusco, Peru (the nearest city to Machu Picchu), I was so obviously a tourist that I was constantly asked if I wanted to:

  • get my shoes polished (odd when I was wearing sneakers);
  • have lunch (even when I said in Spanish that I’d already eaten);
  • buy things (painful after a while);  or
  • have a massage (OK, not so painful).

Florida was one of the few parts of Buenos Aires where I’d get hassled as a tourist, sometimes by illegal money changers.

To avoid that, go to a shopping centre, such as Abasto, Alto Palermo or Patio Bullrich.

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