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Massage chairs are no longer the only difference

When I went to Brisbane from 17 to 22 December, things were pretty similar to Perth, in that life was going along without many restrictions, and I had to register my contact details when I went to some venues.

About the only real difference was that in the Brisbane CBD near Woolworths, the above massage chairs were out of action.  A few months ago, I used such a chair at Midland Gate Shopping Centre in metropolitan Perth.

Since coming back to WA, though, Brisbane went into a short, sharp COVID lockdown.

This is the third time I’ve got back from a COVID place just in time. On 1 March 2020, I left Buenos Aires. I landed in Perth on 3 March: the day Argentina registered its first case. Within three weeks, Buenos Aires was in virtually total lockdown.

Meanwhile, I was in Brisbane from 10 to 15 March 2020. You may recall what happened after that.

I think I’ve ridden my luck enough. Since Brisbane, I’ve been to Yallingup -a three-hour drive from Perth – which is as far as I’m likely to go in the near future.

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