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How much does it cost to go here?

This was the list of entrance fees in 2007 to the national park on the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls:

As an adult foreigner, I paid 40 pesos every time I entered. Argentine adult nationals only paid 14 pesos, or half that if they were from the province of Misiones, unless they were from Puerto Iguazú or nearby Andresito, when it was free. I thought this was good, because it didn’t price out the locals from enjoying the site.

At the time, 40 pesos was about 14 Australian dollars, which I could easily afford.

The entrance fee for foreigners is now 2,000 pesos.

A 5,000 per cent increase? Not quite.

Using the ‘blue’ market rate of exchange, 2,000 pesos is only about 19 Australian dollars. Not that I’ll be going any time soon…

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