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Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side in white and black

Do not adjust your computer!

I thought these images looked better in black and white, or, as the Argentines say, white and black (or, in one case, more of a yellow).

argentina iguazu from brazil 1

I’ve explained before about the unwritten law:  that great waterfalls must be on the border of two countries. Most of what you see in this post is Argentina, but viewed from Brazil…

Argentina Iguazu from Brazil extra 1

Which side’s better? The first time I went, my Argentine guide said it was the Argentine side. The next day, I had a Brazilian guide…

argentina iguazu from brazil 4

In theory, you can go to both sides on the same day, but you’d be very rushed.

argentina iguazu from brazil 6

If you only have one day, go to the Argentine side. There’s more to do, and you can see some of the best bits up close. But hopefully I’ve shown you some reasons to make room for a second day…

argentina iguazu from brazil 8

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