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The future Dr Evil’s first trip abroad

I was born in Australia, and have set foot on all of the other six continents. Yet I didn’t start until I was 21, when I went to Club Med, Cherating Beach, Malaysia, in a mid-year break.

I went there by myself, which was probably a mistake, but it forced me to try everything.

I wasn’t very happy here. It was my first day and I was terrible at volleyball.

I’m not sure I was much better at tug-o-war, but with the other people around, this was less obvious!

I’m not sure what this was. Expressive dance, maybe?

I was actually quite good at darts, and won a medal for it.

I might be practicing my Dr Evil look below, in anticipation of the loss of my hair. It had actually been going for more than two years, though my scalp seems positively fecund in retrospect.

I hadn’t started my tradition of kissing the ground (much less with tongue), so nothing to share on that score.

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