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Buenos Aires bike paths are now a thing

On the afternoon I arrived in Buenos Aires for the seventh time, someone asked me if I planned to drive there.

I said, ‘I’ve never driven on the right hand side of the road, and I don’t think central Buenos Aires is a good place to start.’

Wearing seat belts, stopping at red lights, using an indicator … these things were all optional in my first few trips to Argentina. For one taxi driver, even a steering wheel wasn’t compulsory when there was a handbrake available to turn the corner.

On the last trip, I did wear seat belts. Handbrakes were only used after the car stopped. And Buenos Aires now has bike paths.

My friends Lisa and Carlos have used them. I’m still not so game, even though it’s flat and easy to find you way around. I’ve only ever ridden a bike there as part of a tour.

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