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Better Bremer Bay bedrooms

In the early nineties, I spent Easter weekends at the Separation Point Caravan Park in Geraldton, sleeping in tents and using the ablution block’s rather basic facilities. Not the most comforting way to recover from an evening at Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant, also known as Loss-o Memory.

In the time since, I’ve stayed in a backpackers, where, if it was a good day, the toilets had toilet paper.

Not every day was a good day.

I’ve experienced one room that could have been marketed as a Nazi Interrogation Suite, and another  that might actually have been used as one.

I’ve used a toilet that contain a warning against being electrocuted. And showers that warned the same.

They told us to drink large quantities of water on the Inca Trail, as a way of overcoming the altitude, then put our tents past trickling streams … which made us use the toilets … but enough about them.

One place I never went back to was a caravan park.

Until a few years ago.

And how they have changed!

Goodbye dingy ablution blocks.

Goodbye cramped tents.

Hello chalets.

Hello lounge room with wide screen TV and reverse cycle air conditioning.

Hello kitchen with fridge and ovens.

Hello bedrooms.

Hello clean shower.

Hello washing machine.

You can still do tents and ablution blocks if you really want a more authentic experience, but I know what I prefer to come back to after walking along this beach:

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