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Argentine authenticity is absolutely average… but Gaucho’s is AAA+

Gaucho’s, in central Adelaide, is not a fully authentic Argentine restaurant. Thank goodness!

When I last visited Argentina, I didn’t find the beef as tender as it once was. I understand that the cattle are now fed differently. But it’s juicy at Gaucho’s!

Gaucho’s wouldn’t get away with serving typical Argentine salads, which are usually bland (although not where I often go in Buenos Aires … as I’ll explain in another post).

Their papas fritas are deliciously thicker.

Their closing time is when most Buenos Aires restaurants start to get customers. While I like eating late, I don’t think too many restaurants in Australia would survive if they weren’t open at 7pm.

Finally, no-one’s ever winked at me in a restaurant in Argentina. But at Gaucho’s …

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