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The three certainties in life…

… used to be death, taxes and Adriana Xenides turning around the letters on the Australian version of Wheel of Fortune.

Adriana is sadly no longer with us, but this weekend, I spotted her longest running co-host – John Burgess or Burgo – in Hay Street Mall.

There was a time when I’d try to get home from Uni by 5.30, so I’d hear them have their chats at the start of the show. Years later, when I had glandular fever, their show was a bright spot in my day.

Wheel of Fortune was a down-to-earth show, with two down-to-earth presenters and a catchy down-to-earth theme tune. The show lost much of its appeal after they inexplicably got rid of Burgo and changed the theme tune and the format. But Burgo carried on, and I’m glad he’s still with us today.

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