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Vegetarian paella on a Sunday afternoon

One unexpected bonus of going to Spanish class was that today about 25 of us got to make paella in the backyard of our teacher Estefanía (pictured with me below).

We started with chicken in the centre of the pan (or capsicum in the case of my group, as we were doing vegetarian), put it to the edges, then added the next thing. In my case it was green beans and butter beans …

… but we also mixed in garlic, peppers, mushroom, tomatoes, peas, asparagus, paprika, saffron …

Finally, a lot of water and rice …

… plus some rosemary.

Well, I think that’s how it was. I was chatting most of the time, rather than doing this:

It’s a slow, orderly process that lends itself well to a slow, leisurely Sunday afternoon, which is apparently when they make it in Spain.

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