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Opening night of ‘My Argentina: Learning Spanish and Loving Thatcher’

There’s a theory that you must be in Northbridge to do well at Fringe.  My show is in Mount Hawthorn, but I’ve been getting such a warm reaction from the wonderful packed crowds: first at my previews, and now at Thursday’s opening.  It’s so affirming and beautiful.

Bruce, Julian and me Knickers, Abbie and me Larry and me Wyalkatchem Andrea and me Nic Deb and me Jayne and me Doug and me John, Jennie and me Alan friend and me Karin, Nadine, Anna-Marie, Chris and me Craig and wife and me Robert and me Sharon and me

I thought I’d see lots of people who knew each other – and there were. I wasn’t expecting the Victorian connection. My Bendigo friend Stephen started talking to my Perth friend Moira. Within five minutes they’d established that his father and her grandmother live in the same nursing home in regional Victoria! Freaky.

Charlotte, Moira, Stephen and Zoe

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