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The price of karaoke at the Price of Love

In 2002, I proved my credentials as a serious lawyer by appearing in make-up and a blue wig on Rose Hancock Porteous’ reality TV show.

But wait! There’s more!

Around this time, I also went to three garage sales at her mansion Prix D’Amour, which was French for Price or Prize of Love.

As a fan, I already owned this.

At one of the garage sales, I spent $30, which entitled me to go upstairs to the ballroom to hear Rose sing ‘I Honestly Love You’, backed by a karaoke machine.

I refuse to believe the stories that this mansion has since been demolished. Next they’ll be saying that Margaery from Game of Thrones is dead (whereas she actually went through a trap door just before the explosion and is having a bit of a sleep) or that Michael Jackson had plastic surgery.

But in truth, you might find it gone these days…

It had ocean views as well.

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