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Heroic losers

I particularly related to this film at the Spanish Film Festival because it was mainly set in Argentina in 2003: the year I first visited that country and began my random love affair with it.

For me, the currency crisis at the end of 2001 meant that Argentina became a much cheaper place to visit. Without it, I don’t think I would have gone. For many Argentines it was – well, imagine if your currency lost two-thirds of its value in a few weeks. For the heroic losers of Heroic losers, it meant even more.

There was a time in 2001 when 100 Argentine pesos bought 210 Australian dollars. By the time I visited in 2003, that amount had gone down to about 55 Australian dollars. In retrospect, these were still glory days.  Nowadays, if you use the informal rate, 100 Argentine pesos won’t even buy 1 Australian dollar.

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