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The TV show I’d like to watch

I may have been the only person in WA not to watch the AFL final – the only time we’ll ever have it in Perth – or will it be? – but even I joined in the festivities in Forrest Chase the day after, on my way to the gym.

I think someone should do a TV show about AFL players ten years after they’ve retired. Not the ones who become high-profile coaches or higher-profile prisoners, but guys who were in a top team for about five years without ever becoming household names.

How did they feel, knowing that 90,000 people will never cheer them again, or boo them? What do they look like? Still fit, or gone to seed? Do they still have their money? Their girlfriends? How much of their bodies are held together with plastic and metal? Are they glad they did it? What jobs do they have now? Do they still play the game? Do they want anything more to do with it? I think it would make good TV.

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