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From New York to Perth, with one stop via Game of Thrones

When I flew last year from Perth to the United States and back, two advantages of going via Hong Kong International Airport were (a) it was the only stop and (b) I didn’t have to go from domestic to international airports and back again to domestic.

The biggest plus was that the in-flight entertainment included all ten episodes of the fifth season of Game of Thrones. I did wonder about the appropriateness of that, but not for long, in the rush to find out where Varys had taken Tyrion Lannister after his little tiff with Daddy which had resulted in a somewhat dead Daddy. Each episode started with a warning. If they’d done edited family friendly versions for air travel, I would’ve been lucky to see more than the opening and closing credits.

I’m off to the States again on Wednesday night, using a different route, for the first part of a five and a half week round the world trip…

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