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The best way to decide what film to see…

… is to see them all. Which is what I intend to do at the 2019 Spanish Film Festival.  After 30 movies in 14 days in 2015, this year it shouldn’t be too difficult to watch 31 in 22. There are actually 32 films, but I saw Crime Wave, starring Maribel Verdú (pictured in the poster) earlier this month.

The Spanish Film Festival always contains useful life lessons. In the past, I’ve learned, for instance, that if a man keeps sending you flowers, he’s probably going to die soon, so don’t make the effort.  I’ve also learned how to watch five movies in one day, but sadly this year, the most they’re putting on in one day is four.

Last year, in April/May, they showed films from Spain; in December, they were from Latin America. This year, they’ve combined the two festivals, which I think is wise, because there are too many other things on in December. No-one wanted to see 20 films in a couple of weeks. Although I did.

I haven’t looked much through the programme. I prefer going into a cinema with no idea what I’m about to see.

The Spanish Film Festival is on at Cinema Paradiso from 24 April to 15 May.

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